Prices & Examples

Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty and size of each individual piece.



25€ / 29$

One coloured headshot of the character of your choosing with a simple background.
Circular versions will be added for free if requested.


Coloured Halfbody Sketch

40€ / 45$

+30€ / 34$ for an additional character
+10€ / 11$ for a fullbody

One flatcoloured sketch of the character of your choosing with minimal shading; can add
a simple background for free.


Fully Coloured Halfbody Piece

120€ / 137$

+90€ / 103$ for an additional character
+20€ / 23$ for a fullbody

One fully coloured drawing of the character of your choosing. A simple background is
included in the price, complex backgrounds will be charged seperately.


Custom Character Design

170€ / 195$

One custom design of whatever you can imagine. A very simple reference sheet will be
added (one flatcoloured drawing, colour palette and a bit of information).


Custom Logo Design

100€ / 114$

One custom design of a logo for your company. Will include a high quality digital copy
and additionally various different sizes.

placeholder website.png

Custom Business Card Design

80€ / 92$

One business card design for your company or personal use. Will include a high quality
digital copy.


Interested in something not listed above? Contact me to talk about different types of commissions!