New artwork, accompanied by another video!

I managed to finish another painting from my little dragon series; this time much more extensive and complicated than the last one. I find it interesting to watch how I’m starting to become more and more confident in my skills and feeling comfortable with tackling big illustrations and even managing to pull them off better and better with each drawing! I used to be horribly intimidated by tackling big drawings and ideas but now I’m having tons of fun with it.

This painting in particular was mostly me trying to strike a feeling of mystery and calmness. I suppose I could’ve helped the atmosphere better by paying more attention to placement of various animals, maybe even some of them running away from the intruder - the dragon. It has made a little garden, a comfortable space for someone, its own. Why the dragon decided to land here, accompanied by its little mouse familiar? Even I don’t know. But maybe you can come up with something!

Maria MakhovComment